Customized Solutions to Improve Your Facility

FSGroup offers a range of customized services that will help your food processing facility become more efficient and productive than ever.

Plant Relocation and Restructuring


FSGroup handles every task included in moving your processing facility to a new location, or restructuring your existing facility. From planning the move, creating an efficient floor plan at your new location, building material transport solutions to increase efficiency, hauling equipment to your location, and more, FSGroup is your one stop shop.

Equipment Rigging and Hauling


FSGroup gets any and all material transport and processing equipment properly loaded, rigged, and hauled wherever it needs to go. Safety is our number one priority.

Process Modification & Labor (OEM)


FSGroup rebuilds and refurbishes material transport equipment and provides outsourced labor for any operation, allowing your own workers to stay on task and continue hitting your production goals.

Equipment Design & Installation


Our team excels in designing, building, and installing custom-built material transport equipment that help plants become more efficient and productive than ever. We visit your processing plant, analyze your workflow and then create customized solutions to help your facility work like never before.

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