FSGroup builds efficiency boosting solutions for processing plants in the poultry, beef, pork, produce, bottling, and warehouse conveyance industries.


FSGroup has been involved in the poultry processing industry for decades. With our wealth of experience and expertise in the field, we understand exactly what poultry plants need to thrive.
Whether you need help relocating a plant, moving equipment, designing and installing custom equipment, or rebuilding your current plant’s layout and equipment, we know how to make your poultry plant as efficient as possible.


FSGroup has decades of experience working with the meat processing industry and provides world class material transport solutions customized for meat processing plants’ needs. FSGroup offers a full line of material transport equipment that will improve your processing efficiency like never before. FSGroup can help any meat processing facility reach its potential.

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FSGroup produces a number a machines and conveyors that are perfect for bottling operations. Our machines provide customized guidance for every shape and size of bottle, meaning that we can help any facility optimize its bottle production for efficiency and safety.

What Makes FSGroup Different

Our specialization allows us to build better products and solve more complex problems.

Unlike some meat processing equipment manufacturers that make material transport equipment, our team’s sole focus is designing, building, moving, installing, and refurbishing secondary equipment. While so called “one stop shops” may have a few standard conveyance options, we have hundreds that can be infinitely customized to solve your challenges.
We don’t just sell equipment, we partner with you to make sure your meat plant reaches its potential. Our mission is to build a fruitful relationship with our customers and ensure their long term success.
Our process is unmatched. Before designing anything, we visit your plant to understand your unique processes, needs, and challenges. Every piece of equipment is subjected to a rigorous pre-assembly quality inspection to assure that it’s the highest quality workmanship. Once it has been inspected, it is moved to the assembly department to be built.
With FSGroup’s comprehensive solutions you can minimize downtime, decrease your margin of error, simplify your process, keep your workers safe, and increase production. Your production manager, and workers will thank you.

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