Design and Installation

No two food processing plants are the same, and every unique problem demands a unique solution.
We design custom material transport solutions to help food processing plants automate their production lines for increased efficiency, safety, and productivity. With our wealth of experience in the processing industry, members of the FSGroup team are master problem solvers. Our team specializes in designing, building, and installing custom-built material transport equipment that helps food processors become more efficient and productive than ever.
We understand that an efficient equipment layout is at the heart of every good plant design. At FSGroup, our team of draftsman and engineers adapt your processing facility to accommodate your current process flow requirements in a manner that maximizes production capabilities and allows for seemless future expansion. With process engineering design capabilities in house, our design teams have extensive knowledge of the interface between building systems and process equipment systems.
At FSG we have the facility to undertake all your engineering requirements – from laser cutting and a precision machine shop to full fabrication, ASME welding facilities, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks design. We can design any equipment to fit in with your existing production lines and work to your specific requirements and tolerances.
A full engineering manufacturing facility is available for our customer’s requirements and quick turnarounds on projects puts us in an exciting and flexible position to assist you with your needs.
Close business relationships with many of the leading OEMs throughout the country means that FSG can source machinery for your company and offer it to you at highly competitive prices.
From food processing and cold storage facilities to consumer goods manufacturers, our design team delivers a better outcome and our passion ensures clients always get a better product.
We can help with:

Custom-Built Product Transfer Equipment

We visit your processing plant, analyze your current processes, and then design the perfect material transport equipment that you need to improve efficiency, increase production, and streamline production line workflow. Equipment includes conveyors, drains, dumpers, dip tanks, chillers, IMP, and much more.

Equipment Installation

FSGroup installs primary and material transport systems at your location, allowing workers to continue their jobs, reducing your plant’s overall downtime while saving time and money in the process. FSGroup can even install wastewater systems and vacuum transport systems. FSGroup handles all millwright, welding, and plumbing required during installation.

Floor Plans

Whether you’re starting a green field project, expanding your facility, adding primary equipment, or just need to redesign your floor layout, FSGroup visits your processing plant, analyzes your current floor plan and processes, and designs a more efficient plant floor layout.


FSGroup analyzes a plant’s’ processing workflow, then designs and builds custom conveyors to improve efficiency and productivity. FSGroup can build conveyors of all kinds, including: modular bucket elevators, overhead conveyors, double belt/double direction, de-boning cone lines, and box conveyors and chutes.


FSGroup can build any kind of drain to accommodate any flow amount, including floor drains, trench drains, and overhead or hanging drains. We can identify where drains need to go on an existing floor plan, remove equipment, install drains, and then reinstall equipment as necessary.

Insulated Metal Panelling (IMP)

Insulated metal panelling helps different parts of your plant maintain their proper temperature. FSGroup can assist you separate first and further processing zones in your plant with IMP to regulate temperature. FSGroup installs, removes, replaces and refurbishes IMP.


FSGroup evaluates processing plant layout and builds standard or standalone mezzanines to help your personnel get around your plant quicker and more efficiently. We build mezzanines to any flooring specification.

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