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FSG is one of the leading material transport equipment
manufacturers for food and liquid processing plants around the world.

Big or small, FSG can accommodate all of your plant’s material transport needs.


What can we do for you?

FSG is a mechanical contracting firm with over 100 years of combined experience that supplies a wide range of product and material handling, providing machinery for industrial facilities including but not limited to:

Pork Plants
Grain Mills
Chemical Plants
Petroleum Production Plants

Our Story

Founded in 1988, FSGroup originated as a small custom sheet metal fabrication shop and millwright serving poultry plants in the northeastern Alabama area. Our staff has since grown to over 100 employees, and we’ve established ourselves among the leaders in material handling and plant process design.

As our business expanded, so did our reach. FSGroup now serves food and liquid processing plants across the nation and outside the United States, helping clients across the continent create and maintain more efficient and productive systems.

Since our inception, we have been committed to solving processing plant’s material transport equipment needs by providing world-class solutions. Whether a plant needs help relocating, rigging and hauling materials, designing or installing custom equipment, or just needs extra labor, FSGroup is there to lend our services and expertise.


Rocky & Pam Frazier

Our Team

Every member of our team is a veteran of the plant engineering industry and provides a unique skillset to our customers.

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FSGroup serves processing plants across the continent, helping our clients create more efficient and productive systems.

Are you experienced in the plant engineering industry and looking to join a team dedicated to providing the best solutions to each client’s unique needs?

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